personal care & cleaning products

Wonderfil refill stations can be placed in stores, hotels, apartments, universities, and more.

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No more tare weight!

We calculate product dispensed as it's dispensing and print a scannable barcode for a frictionless refill experience.  Ask us about our vending machine capabilities!

Happy customers

Customers love Wonderfil stations!  They capture people's attention and users cannot wait for the next time they get to pull a Wonderfil tap handle.

Happy employees

Wonderfil stations fit more product per square

foot -- reducing stocking frequency by over 60%. Plus refilling the station is made easy with automated notifications when product is low.

Plug and Play solution

Our experienced team will take care of every detail - installation, inventory management, and maintenance.

Earn money

 Wonderfil transforms unused space into new revenue by maximizing sales per square foot and increasing foot traffic.