We believe sustainable options should be more affordable and accessible.

Which is why our prices are always lower than products in single-use plastic bottles.

Wonderfil Refill Stations are made by a team of UCSC students and graduates to make zero waste accessible and affordable for all.

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Did you know... depending on your county's recycling infrastructure, less than 30% of our plastic bottles are ever actually recycled?  Most plastic bottles end up in landfill, creating a steady demand for plastic bottles to which are made from fossil fuels.  These bottles should not be thrown away and can be reused for years without degrading.

Single-use bottles are unnecessary and costly.  Bottling our daily-use products creates several extra steps in the supply chain and increases production costs up to 50%.  

By distributing liquid & cream products in bulk, Wonderfil can bring you the products you love at a lower cost while preventing thousands of plastic bottles from ever being produced.