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The Porter station is closed for the summer.


You can now refill your shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent and soap at Redwood Free Market at Rachel Carson College

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Wonderfil Refill Stations are made by UCSC students and graduates to make shampoo, conditioner, soap and laundry detergent refills accessible and affordable for all.

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We believe sustainable options should be more affordable and accessible.

Which is why our prices are always lower than products in single-use plastic bottles.

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Why Dr.Bronner's?

As the top-selling soap in the U.S. natural marketplace, Dr. Bronner's uses the purest regenerative organic and fair trade ingredients wherever possible. Reducing plastic use through Wonderfil's refill station is just part of Dr. Bronner's journey to becoming climate positive by 2025. Other efforts include sourcing regenerative organic and fair trade certified raw materials, sending less waste to landfills, choosing renewable power, efficient transportation, and responsible packaging, and advocating for bold policies that advance climate justice

Read about how Dr. Bronner’s is addressing their plastic use:

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Why Carina Organics?

Since we can only offer one type of shampoo and conditioner (for now), it was really important for us to find a formula that works for as many hair types as possible.  After collecting feedback on several different shampoos and conditioners from folks with different hair types, Carina Organics came out the favorite.  Carina Organics only uses responsibly sourced ingredients, organic ingredients, and sources raw materials locally whenever possible. 

Read about how Carina Organics sources their ingredients:

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Why Puretergent?

Puretergent is a woman-owned business whose formula is biodegradable, grey water safe, hypoallergenic, and cleans laundry extremely well.  Puretergent is made in Oakland, California, making the path from manufacturer to customer very short.  This company is a leader in circular distribution for cleaning products.  They reuse and refill their bulk containers forever! 

Read more about Puretergent:

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