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Wonderfil takes care to select our partners wisely.  A huge part of our brand-building thus far has been working with socially responsible companies we admire.  These are companies that take concrete action on climate change, plastic waste, resource conservation and social welfare.  

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  • Small Business - Woman-owned business  

  • Based Locally - Headquartered in Oakland, California where it operates from

  • Greywater Safe - Biodegradable formula cleans your clothes without harsh chemicals that remain in the water once it’s down the drain. 

  • Packaging-Conscious - Implies a circular distribution model by partnering with zero-waste store partners and using reusable + low-waste packaging solutions


  • Family Owned - Dr. Bronner’s has been run by the same family for five generations!

  • Based Locally - They make all of their soap in a factory in Vista, California.

  • Regenerative Organic Leaders - In an effort to raise the bar for ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, Dr. Bronner’s CEO, David Bronner created the Regenerative Organic Alliance tot assure shoppers that their purchase makes a positive impact at every level: environmentally, ethically, and socially.

  • Cruelty Free - Most products are certified Vegan, and those that do contain organic beeswax are certified cruelty-free and there is no animal testing done with them.

  • Greywater Safe - You could use this soap in a lake in a national park and you wouldn’t leave any harmful chemicals in the ecosystem.

  • Packaging-Conscious - Dr. Bronner’s 32 oz bottles use 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and they have been participating in bulk refill programs for decades.


  • Small Business - Prima Fleur is a small business that uplifts other small businesses through their thoughtful approach to supplier relationships with many family-owned companies that have been around for generations. 

  • Based Locally - All products are manufactured in Novato, CA

  • Packaging Conscious - Prima Fleur has eliminated their use of plastic while encouraging and educating clients on how they may do the same.

  • Organic Ingredients - All products are USDA Organic and part of ECOCERT, a network of companies practicing sustainable business.


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